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In this season of giving thanks, I want to thank Mendham Township residents for re-electing me to a third term on the Township Committee! I appreciate your trust to continue making decisions that impact our community’s character and quality of life now and for years to come. 

I am thankful for the continued bipartisan support that led to winning all five voting districts, with at least one-third of the votes cast for me coming from either Republican or Unaffiliated voters. 

Thank you for recognizing my track record of work on the Township Committee over the past six years and allowing me the privilege of continuing to serve. Finally, success is a team sport, and I want to thank the volunteers who helped in the campaign.

Running for office again reaffirmed what a wonderful and kind community we call home. Residents across town were extremely gracious when I unexpectedly knocked on their door. Even if busy with a chore or children, they gave of their time to discuss issues and concerns. 

By the end, I reached more than 800 homes and talked to many others at the Brookside Post Office or at meet-and-greet events. This broad outreach provided a great opportunity to meet new families, reconnect with longtime residents and pet lots of friendly dogs. 

These conversations alerted me to specific issues, such as the difficulty crossing the Cold Hill Road intersection with small children to reach Pitney Park. And, raised common concerns, such as development pressures; dying ash trees; road repaving; expanding recreational facilities; the need for improved communications; the project at the Kings Plaza; and more. 

I will reflect on those conversations in the coming months and hope to take action on the issues brought to my attention. 

If we didn’t meet during the campaign, please reach out with questions or concerns to or schedule an appointment during my ongoing Office Hours. Send an email to to subscribe to my Committeewoman newsletter or follow my Facebook page @duarte4mendham.

I first ran for a seat on the Township Committee in 2017, building on my many years of volunteerism, because I enjoy giving back and making a positive difference. That motivation hasn’t changed. While I am no longer the “New Voice” of my first campaign, I still strive to bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to the Township Committee.

I am excited to continue representing all residents of Mendham Township for another three years and working to ensure our town remains a special place to call home!

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