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LUPE PAC Announces Endorsement for Amalia Duarte (Press Release, InsiderNJ)

“She has fought for the inclusion and acceptance for all in Mendham Township, including the passage of Pride Month and Welcoming Proclamations for the first time ever in the history of the Township. Amalia is a prime example of recognizing that when Latinas run, Latinas win, and for those reasons we are proud to endorse her.”

Laura Matos, president, LUPE PAC (11/2/20) 

Duarte Has Worked Hard to Win Your Vote  (Letter to Editor, Observer-Tribune) 

"Running for public office is challenging in any year but this year, during a pandemic, presents a whole new set of unique challenges.

Mendham Township Committeewoman Amalia Duarte is meeting those challenges head on with a thoughtful, respectful, and consistent campaign worthy of our wonderful town."

Trish O'Brian, East Ridge Road (11/1/20)

Vote for Amalia Duarte in Mendham Township (Letter to Editor, Observer-Tribune) 

"I would have to say she acts very openly and non-politically, and she does an unprecedented job of communicating what in town has happened and what is coming up that residents may want to know, using multiple venues and being boots-on-the-ground and always approachable."

Brian Boden, Walsingham Road, (10/17/20)

Vote for Amalia Duarte in Mendham Township (Letter to Editor, Observer-Tribune)

What I do know is that Amalia Duarte has a proven track record of honesty, integrity and working tirelessly to do her very best for the residents of Mendham Township. She brings a much-needed balance to the Mendham Township Committee and has earned the chance to continue serving our community.

Robin Johnston, Cold Hill Road (10/15/20)

Duarte Has Given Much to Mendham Township  (Letter to Editor, Observer-Tribune)


"She represents a great many people in our town, and the best of real community service. I know thoughtful and appreciative residents will take the opportunity to thank Amalia, by taking a moment of their time to mark their ballots to support her re-election."

Philip Schlegel, Mendham Road West (10/13/20)

Duarte Helped Keep Residents Engaged with Pitney Park (Letter to Editor, Observer-Tribune)

"I want to thank Committeewoman Amalia Duarte for her work to ensure residents were involved in the development of the park. If you want to see continued transparency with upcoming projects, such as a potential new police station, I would urge you to vote to re-elect Committeewoman Duarte for another term. She will ensure we all have a say in what comes next in our town."

Michael Thompson, Woodland Road (10/7/20)

Vote for Duarte in Mendham Township (Letter to Editor, Observer-Tribune)

"Amalia campaigned in 2017 on the issue of making Mendham more welcoming and inclusive, and she has been a consistent voice advocating for that throughout her term. Among her many accomplishments, in 2019, she fought for a township proclamation to recognize June as Pride Month. While the majority Republican Committee refused to pass it then, Amalia continued fighting and gained bipartisan support for the proclamation in 2020."

Kimberly Gavagan, Kennaday Road (9/28/20)

Return Duarte to Mendham Township (Letter to Editor, Observer-Tribune)

"Amalia always cares and gets the job done. She has been an effective leader in town for many years and she brings much-needed balance to the committee. Amalia focuses on all aspects of what the town needs including strict fiscal responsibility and saving money for the town’s residents. As a business owner and taxpayer, I find her approach to be quite refreshing."

Ken Beckerman, Green Hills Road (9/25/20)

Duarte has Delivered for Mendham Township (Letter to Editor, Observer-Tribune)

"I encourage my fellow township residents to go to her website to see all that she has accomplished for us in her first term; and all she has done for our most vulnerable neighbors during these horrible past months. Or set up a meeting to visit her at Township Hall. As part of her commitment to improving the responsiveness and transparency of the committee, she’s the only Committee member who has held open office hours. Join me - vote to help keep Amalia pushing hard to deliver even more for Mendham Township."

Jennifer Mangino, Calais Road (9/17/20)

Duarte Makes Township Committee Uncomfortable and Responsible (Letter to Editor, Observer-Tribune)

"She has been a consistent, vocal advocate for transparent government and broad community engagement.  But, importantly to those versed in Mendham Township history, Amalia’s advocacy has shocked the traditionally complacent, comfortable one-party Township Committee."

Michael Merritt, Mountainside Road (9/10/20) 

Vote for Duarte in Mendham Township (Letter to Editor, Observer-Tribune)

"Since her unprecedented victory in 2016 as the first Democrat ever elected to this office, she has made good on all her campaign
promises. One of those promises was to promote transparency in our local government, which was sorely lacking.

In her tenure to date, Amalia has been a consistent and articulate advocate for clear communications and open government. She has been resolute in the face of partisan opposition, and her persistence has led the full committee to adopt common-sense initiatives that have improved the frequency and clarity of communications about township events and issues."

- Diane Dinklage, East Main Street (6/17/20)

Supports Duarte in 2020 Primary Election (Letter to Editor, Observer-Tribune)

"Committeewoman Amalia Duarte has been deeply involved in the township’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Duarte spearheaded an outreach program  to elderly residents, especially those living alone, to ensure they were doing OK and to offer them assistance.She led a team of First Aid Squad Cadets, members of the Citizens Emergency Response Team and the Mayor to contact 200 senior residents. She helped organize the “Mendham Gives Back”  campaign to collect clothing, used sporting equipment, canned food and pet  food/treats.

And she steered the Mendhams Stigma-Free Task Force in offering resources, information, and support to help residents and families maintain positive mental health during the pandemic. The Task Force hosted a Webinar with the CEO of the Mental Health Association of Essex & Morris; provided daily updates on social media; and installed lawn signs throughout the community with hopeful and inspiring messages."

- Michael Merritt, Mountainside Road (6/17/20)

Endorsed by the Observer-Tribune (10/26/17)

"We are endorsing Amalia Duarte for a three-year seat on the Mendham Township Committee. A Democrat, Duarte has run a strong campaign, meeting residents at their homes and at meet and greets. She has gained a reputation as someone who can get a job done.

An example is the drive to collect enough donations to rebuild the Ralston playground. The drive is nearing its goal and soon the town will have a rebuilt playground, thanks largely to Duarte. It also is important to bring a Democrat to the perennially all-Republican committee. Democrats and Republicans often do have different philosophies and it can play out in subtle ways.

She has some good ideas about expanding shared services. Specifically, she has said,there may be ways to share municipal court with another town and possibly to develop an annex on the borough police station for the township police. She also wants the municipal government to be more transparent and would issue twice-monthly communications with information about what is coming up at committee meetings."

Former Republican Mayor Backs Democrat for Township Committee

"As a Republican, a 20-year elected official and a former mayor of Mendham Township, I will be voting for Amalia Duarte for the Mendham Township Committee. I am also pleased that my Republican, Democratic and independent friends will also vote for Amalia to become the only woman on the committee. Amalia will be an excellent community leader and representative of our Interests. Many issues for a community leader and my choice to resolve them is Amalia Duarte. And let’s not forget our children. Amalia has been the champion behind the fund raising and reconstruction of the Ralston playground as well as maintaining the operation of the Brookside Beach. Adults young and old also enjoy the Patriot races that she manages. Amalia Duarte will be a new voice representing all of your interests.Please join me to insure her victory."


Brian Phelan, Woodland Road (11/2/17) 

Vote for Duarte, a Leader Who Listens


"Unfortunately, in today’s political climate listening is a skill that is in short supply. I look forward to Amalia being a great listener, and then for her to put her ample experience on municipal boards and commissions, nonprofits and major corporations to good use working with her colleagues on the Township Committee to help Mendham thrive." 

Dan McGuire, Thackery Lane (11/2/17) 

Vote Duarte for Mendham Township; Dedicated, Professional

"Amalia Duarte really epitomizes community service and volunteerism. I know a lot of great people in town but I can honestly say, I've never seen anyone more dedicated, articulate, professional and committed to making our town a special place. What is not an opinion, is the fact that you will not find a better person for Township Committee than Amalia Duarte. She has set the gold standard for volunteerism and community service."

Philip Schlegel, Captain USMC ret., Mendham Road West (11/2/17)

Duarte has Experience, Expertise for Mendham

After a great deal of thought, my vote will be for Amalia Duarte. The compelling reasons are her executive and communications experience, the depth of her past community involvement and her commitment to fiscal responsibility.

Brian Hays, West Main Street (111/2/17)

Skills, Not National Politics Needed in Mendham

"Party affiliation does not make a committee member successful. Listening skills, creativity and transparency are the requirements." 


Glenn Thompson, Hope Farm Lane (11/2/17) 

Duarte for Mendham Township, Transparent, Tireless

"Since she began her campaign many others have learned of her tireless energy and dedication. Amalia listens to the people in our town. She is smart, knows how to work with people and knows how to get things done. We are fortunate to have such an outstanding candidate for the Mendham Township committee. We need that “ new voice” on the committee."

Diane Dinklage, East Main Street (11/2/17)

Elect Duarte in Mendham Township, Leader, Hard Worker

"Amalia Duarte is fiscally prudent. She has held each Recreation Director accountable to prevent misplaced funds and erroneous expenditures. Amalia Duarte perseveres. Even when unsupported by members of the Township Committee, Amalia continues to fundraise and spearhead new programs for the benefit of the Mendham Township residents. Amalia Duarte is objective. She is driven by one purpose: To make Mendham Township a better place to live. This goal transcends party affiliation and petty grievances. Amalia Duarte is a resident that tries to make things better."

Megan Sager, Mount Pleasant Road (11/2/17) 

Elect Duarte in Mendham Township for Dedicated and Thoughtful Service


"Through her many years of service, experience and leadership on township committees and community organizations alike, Amalia has gained an expansive knowledge of our town's government and its citizens which makes her extremely well qualified to be entrusted with our town's matters. Amalia has the proven ability, desire, and character to make an effective member of the Mendham Township Committee. The citizens of Mendham Township will be well served by Amalia's concern for our town and the hard work and energy she will bring to every endeavor. Because my son is a volunteer firefighter in Mendham Township, this is a matter I take most seriously. I know that Amalia will do what is right for our first responder volunteers and our town."

Mary Judith Kemp, Hilltop Circle (10/19/17) 

Vote for Amalia Duarte, Focused, Experienced and the Best Candidate for Mendham Township 

"Amalia is focused on increasing our quality of life in Mendham Township while simultaneously reducing our taxes. So please Mendham, do your research and don’t choose a candidate based on their party, choose the best candidate to help lead Mendham Township, Amalia Duarte."

Ken and Jess Beckerman, Green Hills Road (10/12/17)

Mendham Township Democrats Back Duarte for Committee

"Among the choice of candidates that have decided to run here in Mendham Township, none is more capable, experienced and serious as Amalia Duarte. A longtime community stalwart, Amalia’s platform rests on a three-legged stool of exploring shared services, improving and maintaining our recreation facilities and keeping our local government answerable.

Except what makes Amalia most impressive is not only her fierce determination in advocating Mendham’s best assets (for example, it’s no secret that she exudes an unmatched passion for restoring the Ralston Playground), but also her credentials as a professional, a community volunteer and a team player.

Amalia is schooled in what is considered the most important qualification to run a town: She understands how things get done. Managing personalities is a hallmark in conducting business, and Amalia’s impressive resume in corporate America speaks to this reasonable characteristic needed in local politics. And it’s no secret that she knows how to shatter a glass ceiling."

Addison O'Donnell, East Main Street (4/12/17)

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