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I am bringing a New Voice to the Township Committee. I have volunteered in Mendham for nearly 19 years — as a youth sports coach, on township and nonprofit boards and fund-raising for the community.


I got involved in town because of my children, and now I am excited to serve the community for families like my own. I want to ensure that Mendham continues to be a great place to raise a family.

I believe recreation is vital to our community. Our children need places to get outside and play. Sports fields, playgrounds, Brookside Beach, hiking paths and special events are where the community comes together to create connections and lasting friendships. Over the few years, I have been instrumental in successfully advocating to keep Brookside Beach open. As Vice Chair of the Recreation Commission, I helped lead the campaign to Rebuild Ralston Playground, after the Township Committee in 2017 refused to support the project. We raised $98,000 in private donations and through events, including the annual Patriots' Race. The Playground is expected to reopen in the summer of 2018.


I believe we can do better when it comes to Shared Services. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel. We should partner with neighboring communities and figure out — together — how we can improve government services and save money.

I am working for a responsive Township Committee that listens to residents. I believe in transparent government that supports and encourages input from the public. As an elected official, I am holding open Office Hours to continue speaking with residents, learning what's on their minds and bringing their concerns to the Township Committee. I initiated an Ad Hoc Communications Committee, and this group of volunteers produced a report of recommendations in June 2018. Read full report.

I am liaison to the First Aid Squad. It is my honor to support their invaluable and selfless volunteer work in our community! 

I am leading Mendham's Stigma-Free community initiative in partnership with Mendham Borough. This broad effort focuses on supporting individuals and families faced with issues around substance abuse, mental health, special needs and more. We want everyone in Mendham to feel welcomed and part of our community!

Volunteers are the lifeblood of a small town like Mendham! I am leading efforts to expand and support our volunteer base and bring them more recognition. I have launched a video series called Volunteer Spotlight, produced by Mendham TV, to highlight different groups and how residents can get involved. 

A New Voice!